Australia standard SAA approval 250V 10A Double switch socket powerpoints

Clipol offers extensive ranges of switches and powerpoints perfectly suited to commercial or residential environments.

All the items in this range have an option of plastic white, silver printed and Aluminum cover plates which are interchangeable.


Iterm  DS715 250V 10A SAA Certificate double powerpoints
Model  DS715
Material  Polycarbonate
Type  Horizontal, Vertical
Color  White
Voltage  250V
Current  10A
Size (H * W)  118 * 73mm
Mounting Center  84mm
Base Projection  8mm
Mechanical Life  40000 Times
Feature 1.Available for both horizontal and vertical2.Available for both single and double powerpoints3.Products have been certificated to AS/NZS 3112:2004+A1:2006
Certificate  SAA, CE, SEMKO and CB
Market  Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, etc.
Usage  Living room, bedroom, bathroom or office, ect.



Item Code Description Width Height MountingCenter BaseProjection
DS613 Power Outlet Single 250V 10A 118mm 73mm 84mm 11mm
DS613-15 Power Outlet Single 250V 15A 118mm 73mm 84mm 11mm
DS613V Vertical Power Outlet Single 250V 10A 118mm 73mm 84mm 11mm
DS613V-15 Vertical Power Outlet Single 250V 15A 118mm 73mm 84mm 11mm
DS614 Power Outlet Single 250V 10A with extra switch 118mm 73mm 84mm 24mm
DS715 Power Outlet double 250V 10A 118mm 73mm 84mm 11mm
DS715V Vertical Power Outlet double 250V 10A 73mm 118mm 84mm 24mm
DS716 Power Outlet double 250V10A with extra switch 118mm 73mm 84mm 24mm



DS715 DS715V M DS716 M

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